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iamtaji's Journal

Taji Morgan
12 April
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I'm the epitome of geekiness and a bit of an otaku as well. I'm a borderline NEET and trying to get out more. Going back to work this year. Need to lose about 50lb. My son is starting preschool this year. I am happily single and intend to stay that way. I like museums, aquariums, planetariums. I love sci fi, anime, RPGs, and Japanese products and snacks. I flitter back and forth between vegetarianism and meat eating, I like variety. I like all kinds of music, but favor the alternative rather than the popular. I can be perky and cheerful one minute and a minute later totally emo depending upon what's going on in my life! I guess the one word that would describe me is "Mercurial". I don't stick to any one religious practice, but work with what seems most appropriate to the situation including Left Hand Path practices. I'd have to characterize myself as a pagan and a grey witch LOL! In otherwords, I will curse or hex if I feel it's warranted and justified. I believe that romantic love is limited, therefore, romantic relationships are also limited be it in depth or in duration. I don't think that total monogamy is natural to women. I believe that most, if not all, women are bi-sexual. I don't like jealousy because I know that it's a selfish, human reaction to having to share. I believe plants have feelings and feel pain. I'm living in an RV while I'm saving for a down payment for a home of my own. I try to recycle, but don't always do as well as I plan.

Taji Morgan

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